How to Apply for a Language Visa

Do you want to visit Germany? Our visa experts at German Studios Frankfurt are here to assist you! Because, to obtain a language visa, one thing is particularly important – good preparation! If you wish to familiarize yourself in advance with the visa application process, moving to Germany, and more, you will also find a wealth of additional information on the topic at the Welcome Hub Germany.

What do you need to do now in order to receive our support for your visa application? It's quite simple! Just book one of our language courses that meet the visa requirements, and you will automatically receive the following services:

Official registration confirmation of your language course
Once you have paid for your course and enrollment letter fee, you will receive an official confirmation letter for your visa application within three business days.
Tips for your visa application
We make the visa application process easy for you.
Solutions for additional visa requirements
We also assist you with choosing health insurance, setting up your blocked account, and much more!
Assistance with apartment search
We provide you with comprehensive assistance during your relocation. Additionally, you have access to free orientation workshops to help you settle in Germany.

There are many ways to come to Germany. Here, we present to you three different visas that allow you to travel to Germany. Find out here which visa suits you best. Moreover, if you select your nationality below, you can easily discover the requirements you need to fulfill for your visa application.

To learn more about your visa application, you can select your nationality here.

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