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Language Visa
Language Visa

Planning and executing a stay abroad or even a permanent move to another country can be quite complicated. However, with german studios Frankfurt, it doesn't have to be! We are here to support you throughout the entire process. We provide comprehensive assistance and guidance tailored to your needs. Here, we introduce you to two of our offerings: our Visa Support Service or our University Pathway Program!

Visa Courses and Visa Support Service

You should choose this option if you:

  • Do not plan to study in Germany but need a visa to learn German in Germany
  • Require the support of our visa experts for your visa application

Which visa is right for you cannot be determined in a blanket manner, as this depends on both your needs and your nationality. But don't worry, our Visa Support Service will assist you with all visa matters and, of course, answer all your questions.

Our Visa Support Service includes:

Official Enrollment Confirmation for Language Courses
After payment of your German course and registration fee, you will receive an official confirmation letter from us within a few days.
Free Assistance with Your Visa Application
We provide you with tips and support to help you fill out your visa application on your own.
Solutions for Additional Visa Requirements
We offer comprehensive support for selecting health insurance and opening a blocked account to meet additional visa requirements.

To learn more about the visa requirements for your nationality, you can select your nationality here.

Our University Pathway Program

You should opt for the University Pathway Program if you:

  • Need to improve your German before starting your studies at a German university
  • Desire support from our experts

We offer comprehensive support if you plan to apply for university studies in Germany. Even though the process may seem challenging – finding accommodation, learning German at an academic level, or generally adjusting to life in Germany – we help you make the journey as smooth as possible.

The University Pathway Program includes:

German course that fulfills all visa requirements
Our University Pathway Program includes both the language course and an official confirmation letter.
Visa application support
We provide you with tips and assistance to help you complete your visa application on your own.
Solutions for additional visa requirements
We also offer comprehensive support for choosing health insurance and opening a blocked bank account.
Comprehensive assistance with apartment hunting
We assist you in finding an apartment and also offer free orientation workshops.
Suitability test for studies or conditional university admission
We help you obtain a conditional university admission.
Expert support for your university application
Our experts assist you in applying to up to three German universities.
Official German language exam and preparation course
If you don't pass your German exam at the end of the language course, we provide you with the opportunity to take a second attempt for free.
Various study-preparatory seminars
In our orientation workshops, we help you understand the German university system.

For more information about the University Pathway Program, start your free initial consultation now. We're here to help you take the first step towards your successful academic journey in Germany.

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